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2005 Commercial/Product/Fashion Pricelist

The Con Boland Studio includes:

:: A time saving professional sliding-track overhead soft-box and strip lighting system that assists in all challenging lighting situations
:: Motorized backgrounds - seamless roll paper, canvas and muslin
:: State-of-the-art digital capture - 6, 18, 33 and 65 megabyte image files can be provided in 8 or 16 bit TIFF, PSD or JPEG
:: Instant on-screen viewing/proofing - 6 foot screen with LCD projection
:: Of course, the expert services of Master Photographer Con Boland

Hourly Rate: $ 175 . Assistant: $ 30 per hour.

We guarantee that your images are created with the best technology available and constantly upgrade our digital equipment and software.

If weather or other unforeseen conditions prevent photographs from being taken, the rates above are billed at 50 percent.

Image-file processing
(white balance, gamma, cropping, etc.):
$ 3.- per proof jpg image
Image-file processing
(white balance, gamma, cropping, etc.):
$ 20.- per final image
Burn final images to 600 Meg CD ROM with finished images: $ 28.- per disk
Additional 600 Meg CD ROM copies: $ 8.- per disk

Yes, our European Master Photographer makes house calls! However, in order to be able to capture stunning images on location, a large amount of professional camera and lighting equipment may be required on-site.

One time equipment loading and transportation fee: $ 75

All commercial images will be retouched and digitally enhanced to ensure they satisfy the customer's expectations and comply with the requirements of their intended application.

Processed images are archived for safe storage and future use at no charge.

Professional Image Retouching and Enhancement: $ 105 per hour


We offer competitive prices on a large variety of printing, mounting and framing services. Our 6 colour Giclee printer prints directly to any substrate; including canvas, fine art papers, self adhesive Mylar and translucent nylon. See our "printing pricing" section for more information.


Mileage: $.35/Km. Travel rates for time traveled are billed out at $65.00 per hour.

Rate may vary, depending on the size and duration of the job.

The expense account associated with travel is charged at cost plus 15% handling.

Our posted rates are intended to be used as a guideline. Please call our studio to inquire about your specific assignment.

All images remain the sole property of ConBoland.Com. Clients have unrestricted rights for use of all their images.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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