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“A Con Boland portrait is not expensive … it’s priceless.”

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As with any work of art, there are things you should to know before you invest.
We designed this section to answer your questions and provide important background information about our products and services. Here you will find detailed explanations
of the following topics:

  :: Portrait sessions
:: Black and white or colour?
:: Prints
:: Archiving
:: Retouching
:: Card mounts
:: Framing
:: Lamination
:: Canvas wall portraits
:: Digital file images
:: Product photography
:: Delivery times
:: Payment policy
:: Warranty

This is the term used to describe the actual studio session involving the photographer, his assistant, a studio and his subject. It requires pre-booking studio facilities, an optional make-up and hair stylist and, of course, the services of your photographer. There is a cost associated with the sitting that is separate and distinct from the purchase of prints.

If you have ever asked yourself, “Do I have to plan ahead for black and white or colour prints?” The answer is no. Con Boland’s state-of-the-art imaging technology can provide luminous colour, striking black-and-white prints or authentic sepia prints from any image. You are free to choose at any time.

All Con Boland photographs are custom printed with modern Piezo/Giclée technology and RGB Argon Lasers for superior longevity, colour saturation and detail. Photographs come in a range of sizes from the tiny wallet to the giant Grand Master canvas prints measuring 36” x 48” or even 44” x 72.” There is a complete explanation of these exciting new developments in photographic printing techniques on this website
See Printing.

A variety of optional features such as mounting, laminating, and different framing methods and styles are available.


Archiving – Long-term storage offers additional insurance against theft, fire and water damage of your important family heirlooms. The existing Con Boland archives houses all customers’ images dating back to 1964. Today, we archive your files on digital media. This guarantees availability of reprints of your images as crisp and beautiful as the day we created them.

Retouching – We artfully retouch every Con Boland portrait to exacting standards.
Fine colour balancing, vignetting, softening of lines and wrinkles, and the removal of stray hairs and skin blemishes are standard on all Signature Series prints and Old Master wall portraits. To combine components from two separate images into one, there is a one-time art charge. Additional retouching options and a variety of special effects are available.

Card Mounts – For gift giving, we designed elegant charcoal cardboard frames for the temporary protection of your prints during packaging, transportation or presentation. Card Mounts are standard on all unframed Con Boland prints in 8” x 10”, 5” x 7” 4” x 5” or 2” x 3” wallet sizes.

Framing – A wide selection of exquisite domestic and imported frames are available
in our on-site frame shop. All framing packages include a canvas stretcher bar or a finished print, mounted on acid-free substrate, satin protective lamination, a picture frame of your choice and assembly labour.

Lamination – Our UV inhibiting laminates provides a beautiful, washable finish. This fine leather textured and protective finish is standard on all framed portraits. Our laminates are a superior alternative to fragile glass with its inherent problem of glare.

As the name implies, we print these exquisite wall portraits on high-quality fine artist canvas. Imagine a delicate watercolor or a richly colorful original Rembrandt or Monet painting. Now, imagine the images of you and your family, lovingly presented by a Master Photographer, on that Masterwork Canvas. Add an archival quality, satin lacquer finish, authentic stretcher bars to preserve flatness, and an artfully crafted, imported wood frame, and you have a Con Boland ‘European Master’ Canvas wall portrait. Available sizes range from the Micro (12” x 16”) to the Grand Master (36” x 48”). Today, Con Boland’s Master Canvas heirlooms decorate some of the finest homes, museums and public buildings in Canada and around the world.

Historically, professional photographers have never given away their negatives, as this would rob them of their income from prints. Since the advent of computers, email and digital printing, this practice has become commonplace and has distinct advantages.
For business and executive portraits, you can purchase the digital negative including the artwork and retouching that is part of the finished product. You will own complete and unlimited copyrights to use your photos for business cards, brochures, online, or television.

When purchasing an electronic portrait, there are four separate items to consider:
  1. Portrait session
2. Retouching/artwork
3. Reproduction rights
4. Save to CD

See ‘Electronic Prices’ for more information.

Con Boland Commercial Photography is intended for the production of high quality images for the internet, annual reports, brochures, business plans, business cards, catalogues, advertising campaigns, tradeshow displays, billboards and various promotional materials. In short, we provide outstanding photographs of people, products and places for all manner of commercial applications.

Please allow 6 days for 8" x 10" and smaller portraits and 6 weeks for Old Master canvas and wall portraits. Rush orders may be arranged: add $25 for 24-hour service on 8" x 10" prints and smaller.

  :: Session fees and portrait orders are pre-paid.
:: Weekend and holiday bookings; please add $85.
:: We accept Cash, Cheques and all Bank and Debit Cards.
In order to keep prices as low as possible, all prices listed are based on these payment methods and include a discount of 3%.
We do not accept MasterCard.
You may use credit cards that carry bank and merchant fees but then the regular non-discounted prices will apply.
:: Prices are exclusive of GST and are subject to change without notice.

There is a five-year unconditional warranty on all materials and workmanship.

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