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About Our Printer

We have upgraded our printer once again to bring you the most stunning prints ever. Our newest printer is a state-of-the-art 44'' wide format printer with breakthrough 8-color ink technology. Your final print is one of uncompromised quality. It incorporates 8 color pigments and 3 level black technology. Your archival prints have amazing color stability, color fidelity, and scratch resistance. Your fine art Giclee prints have higher density levels and virtually no mesmerism or bronzing.

We print on a wide range of substrates from canvas to rigid poster board, eliminating the need for dry mounting. We also print on professional roll and cut sheet media for photographic, proofing, fine art, and signage applications. Maximum size is 44" by any length and surface finishes vary from true matte through ultra glossy; and can include smooth, velvet, or textured. The possibilities are endless.

For more information you can read about the giclee process or view our pricing information.


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