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Step 4: High Key Low Key
Step 4: High Key Low Key

Portrait Process: Step 4


Low KeyLOW KEY portraits are darker, deep and rich in color and most dramatic. Deep reds, blues, greens, dark grays, antique gold and browns are most elegant and complimentary. As a rule, lower contrast, solid and finely textured or detailed clothing photograph the best. Add interesting spot color and detail by using smaller, brightly coloured accessories such as scarves, ties and jewelry.

High KeyHIGH KEY portraits are beautiful and more feminine. They emphasize elegant lighter colours in clothing, props and backgrounds. We suggest soft white or light pastel-coloured clothing for an air of tranquility and grace.


  1. questions
  2. clothing
  3. portrait styles
  4. low key – high key
  5. important details
  6. when you arrive
  7. the portrait session
  8. print selection
  9. ordering portraits
10. retouching
11. printmaking
12. framing
. return

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