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I imagined the perfect studio would have skilled artisans, the very best tools available and excellent organizational systems; and of course, many happy clients. It has been my ultimate good fortune to have been able to realize this dream.

Actually, building this dream turned out to be more of a challenge than I had imagined. Just when I thought that I was getting close, something changed. The digital revolution in photography required a complete re-education and re-investment in cameras, computers and digital photo printers. Luckily this process is now behind us.

Fortunately, from early on, I have always had a love for the magical capabilities of computers as tools. In 1988 I installed a LAN (local area network) at a time when only large corporations had such systems. I went back to school and received my certification as a Novell Computer Network Administrator. I also received two certificates for web design and HTML programming. I simply wanted a greater understanding of the possibilities of the new technology.

Giclee printing is yet another technology that has changed the art of photography. You now have the incredible luxury to print directly on exquisite substrates from fine art canvas to Arches watercolor paper. I am presently working on a new series of fine art prints and posters.

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